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May 2022 article in Church Leaders Magazine
March 2022 article in Presbyterian Outlook

“Intercultural, Postcolonial, Experiential: A Case Study in Forming Congregational Mission Leaders in Seminaries” in Missiology: An International Review. January 2020.

“Re-membering Missiology: An Invitation to an Activist Agenda,” Missiology: An International Review. January 2018. Vol. 46(1) 2018, pp. 37-49. [Originally presented as keynote address at American Society of Missiology annual meeting, June 2017]

“From Short-term Mission to Global Discipleship: A Peruvian Case Study,” Missiology: An International Review. April 2013, pp. 163-178.

“Broken Trust: Sexual Abuse in the Mission Community” in Accountability in Missions, Bonk, Jonathan, ed., Wipf and Stock Publishers, 2011.

“When Justice and Mission Embrace” in That They All May Be One: Essays in Honor of Clifton Kirkpatrick, Presa, Neal, ed., Westminster/John Knox Press, 2011.

“Short-Term Missions: Paratrooper Incursion or Zacchaeus Encounter? A Guide for STM leaders”, Latin American Journal of Theology, Fall 2007.

“Cleaning Up La Oroya”. Christianity Today, April, 2007:

Children in La Oroya, Peru. Photo by Bruce Wilson

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