About the Book

Freeing Congregational Mission addresses a deepening crisis in mission as practiced by North American congregations. Many mission activities are more effective at satisfying church members than making a lasting difference, producing what’s too often consumer-oriented “selfie mission.” These practices are not just ineffective—they deviate from mission in the way of Jesus. The book proposes a theology of companionship focused on relationships that up-end societal expectations; the kind of cultural humility evidenced by Jesus; and the insights of co-development.

The book is designed to provide a theoretical framework, practical strategies and tools to congregational mission leaders, that is, the lay and ordained leaders of U.S. evangelical, Catholic and mainline Protestant congregations’ who seek to lead their congregations into mission.

Next Steps

This book is not for everyone. We are not interested in promoting the sale of yet another book about Christian mission nor in serving as “the featured speakers” at innumerable mission conferences. But– if after reading Freeing Congregational Mission— you sense a desire to gather others in your congregation or city to read and discuss the book’s contents and to prayerfully reflect on its implications for your engagement in local and global mission, we would welcome the chance to walk with you on that path. Here are four ways to go deeper:

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InterVarsity Press is currently offering the book for a 30% discount and free shipping in the USA: enter MISSION in the discount code at checkout.

For 10+ copies of the book at a 40% discount: https://www.ivpress.com/ministrylink

For 10+ copies related to an author appearance at a 50% discount: call 800-843-9487.

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About the Authors

Welcome to the Freeing Congregational Mission Community!

We are Hunter Farrell and Balajiedlang (Bala) Khyllep with the World Mission Initiative at Pittsburgh Theological Seminary. With the combination of our diverse cross-cultural experiences and the over 30 years of missionary work and pastoral ministry, we seek to walk alongside congregational mission leaders and offer them resources and tools so they can lead their churches in a faithful and effective engagement in God’s mission both locally and globally.

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It is a joy and privilege for us to connect and share with you as we journey together and participate in God’s mission. If you would like to dive deeper in conversation with us or if you would like us to come to speak and share with you in your church, organization, small group you can reach us by filling the form below. We’ll be in touch with you as soon as possible.

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